The Libertarians Have a Big Problem and Its Not the Two Major Parties; It’s Themselves

This weekend has been quite interesting for somebody on the outside looking in as the Libertarian Party was the first political party to hold their 2020 nominating convention online. As someone that joined the party officially in 2016 I have met and interacted with many great Libertarians that mean well for the direction of the party.

However, it was quite evident the biggest problem this weekend was not the two major parties bearing down but rather the Libertarian Party themselves. The amount of unnecessary obstruction by a tiny faction attempted to derail the convention and then blame the Chair Nicholas Sarwark. I know this is an unpopular opinion among many that read this site (Mises Caucus Members) but Mr. Sarwark should be commended for his work leading the Libertarian Party and putting a professional face in front of the camera. The obstruction by members to stall, delay, and derail the proceedings is what makes the LP a third party and not a major one. Instead of focusing on drawing members into the party and winning elections they obstruct the forward progress of the Libertarian movement in an attempt to cry wolf. They should be ashamed of themselves and it makes sense why Sarwark stepped aside from the gavel today.

When you are fighting against two giants that have operations that are well oiled machines it is imperative that progress is made to further the cause of your philosophy. There are too many that become deleagtes to the national conventions that don’t care about the progression of Libertarianism. They should be ashamed of themselves. It was quite clear all weekend that they didn’t have the support of the delegates and the repeated attempts to suspend rules, or pass motions they knew would fail highlights why they should be ashamed of themselves.

It’s probably why Justin Amash got out as fast as he did from the race.

Thank you Nick Sarwark for what you have done for the party and you will always have a fan here at The Liberty Herald.

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  1. Sarwark is a middle of the road Libertarian. Serious libertarians won’t vote for a President or Vp ticket that doesn’t stand fully on principle. Hopefully the current nominees will stand on principle because Gary Johnson was a wasted candidate who I refused to vote for.


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