Vice-President Endorsement: Larry Sharpe is Right for America and The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party delegates will begin nominating and voting today on the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates and chose the ticket of the party for the 2020 election.

There is no question in our mind who the vice-presidential candidate should be and that is Larry Sharpe.

Mr. Sharpe is one of the most dynamic figures in the Libertarian Party and movement right now. He made a big name for himself as he ran for Governor in 2018 against Andrew Cumo. He is articulate and holds the principles of Libertarianism close to his heart.

He is:

  • businessman who started a trucking business and sold a successful distribution company
  • An executive coach and management consultant who has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and companies in leadership and team building skills
  • strategic consultant for thought leaders in government, finance, law, technology, media, and healthcare
  • teacher and guest instructor who taught English, management, and business at universities such as Yale, Columbia, and John Jay College
  • native New Yorker, Marine Corps veteran, husband to Georgia, and father of two daughters, Barbra and Josephine

As we have watched Larry make his way through the world of Libertarian politics it is apparent that he can be the face of the party for years to come and has the ability to draw people into our movement. He would make a great Vice-President and a leader for the party and America!

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