Small Handful of Libertarian Delegates Trying to Derail the Online Convention

The Libertarian Party is currently live in their first day of an online convention to select the party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates. Here is the livestream:

What we have noticed while watching is that a handful of delegates are trying to derail the Chair Nick Sarwak as he attempts to get the convention going. They are trying to get the convention to adjourn and move to the in person convention in July. The Chair is obviously annoyed with the repeated attempts to stall the process and the adoption of the agenda.

Update: Now a delegate tried to pass a motion (which failed) to suspend the rules and vacant the chair.

Again, a small number are displeased with Sarwark and are trying to stall the convention instead of moving forward. The vast majority of the delegates seem to be in favor of this online convention and are backing the Chair as he tries to navigate these proceedings.

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