Potential 269 Electoral College Tie Likely; House of Representatives Could Decide Election

Based on current polling it appears that we could have to make history in this country. Only two other times in American history has the House of Representatives decided a Presidential election; The Election of 1800 and The Election of 1824.

The 2020 Election is shaping up to be the third time a candidate hasn’t received a majority of the electoral votes. In this case the Constitution moves the election to the House of Representatives. Each state is given one vote in the house and the senate picks the Vice-President.

Here is how the 269 tie could happen and it is quite real.

The biggest winners from this scenario are the third parties, and especially Justin Amash. The top 5 vote getters are considered by the members, and with Amash being a current Congressman he has the relationships of members on both sides and could politic his way to the Presidency.

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