The Time Has Come For Libertarian Party To Boot Vermin Supreme

The biggest struggle that the Libertarian Party has had for years is getting people to take them seriously. Four years ago during the national convention they had a guy dress down almost complete naked and dance on stage which was televised on national television. Now they have allowed a satire candidate to make the main debate stage instead of focusing on drawing attention to their platform and serious candidates. It is time for the party to boot Vermin Supreme from the party.

I remember teaching my college political science course in 2012 and spent time talking about fringe candidates that were running for President. I used this weird democratic candidate in New Hampshire that wore a boot on his head as the example which caused laughter among the class. Now, 8 years later this same guy has infiltrated the Libertarian Party and they are giving him the time and day.

Last night Justin Amash, the presumed LP nominee for President, was featured in a debate hosted by the LP of Kentucky. National attention was on this debate with thousands of people watching. However, there was Vermin Supreme being given a stage next to a host of serious candidates running for President. Yes, he was tamer than usual and didn’t have the boot on his head, but the fact he has gotten this far shows why the LP struggles year in and out to gain traction in elections at both the local and national level.

Libertarianism is a big tent and we understand that people from all walks of life will enter the arena, but that doesn’t lend to the fact that the crazy element of the party gets put front and center. All political parties have their crazy’s but they don’t shine them bright in the national spotlight for all to see.

These are serious times on so many fronts and we need serious people spreading the message of liberty to the masses and some guy with a boot on his head that pledges ponies for all Americans puts us hundreds of steps back on our road to success.

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  1. Vermin Supreme has something this party desperately needs, good vibes and humor

    After our gatekeeper Hornberger’s performance in the 5th Kentucky especially

    Unless we transcend the crappy trends perpetrated by our duopoly, we will still be limping in circles

    He would be a joke if it wasn’t for his career as a performance artist

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    • When you walk down the street with vermin supreme, people scream from blocks away and literally run, shouting for joy to get a selfie licking his boot. He is a genuine folk hero whose cultural relevance is epic tier and can reach hearts and minds with his humor that no square in a three piece uniform could buy.

      Amash wishes he could achieve 1/100th of the outreach success that Vermin could in an election where antiauthoritarian progressives see the most accessible and movable block on the chessboard. Failed republicans have had their turn and they failed. It’s time to try something new. I’m with Vermin all the way.

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      • Justin Amash has 800% more social media followers than Vermin does. So yeah, I think Justin knows how to handle outreach.


  2. I am a former State Representative up here in NH (2016-2018). I support Vermin Supreme for the Libertarian nomination. I have campaigned with and for Vermin for months now and I have seen him inspire countless people outside of the traditional libertarian “bubble” to get involved and consider the Libertarian Party as the best alternative to the duopoly. He also communicates libertarian ideas and principles very succintly and proficiently. He is a serious candidate. He is certainly more serious of a candidate than Mr. Amash is.

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  3. The biggest problem with the Libertarian Party is the perception that it is the party of disaffected Republicans and Vermin Supreme is the answer to that dilemma. Why is Justin Amash considered the presumed candidate by this poster, he has evolved from Republican to Independent to Libertarian in a matter of months and he exemplifies the notion that the Libertarian Party is the default party for Republicans, a joke that is much harder to dismiss than a boot on the head. The real problem the Libertarian Party has is finally getting rid of the stench from the attempt by the Koch brothers to buy the party and being joined at the hip with Republicans that have a libertarian edge will continue to stink up the joint.

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  4. How is it that people, who share the same perception lens as yourself, manage to miss the point completely? Vermin Supreme is exactly what the people need. He cares, he is real and genuine. He has fought for freedom and protected people for decades. Vermin has been doing Libritarian work, well before he “infiltrated the Libritarian party “. It seems to me , that perhaps, vwhat causes the LP to struggle year after year, are the misconceptions that the LP is uber conservative as opposed to what it was intended to be. The LAST thing this country needs is more concern over super conservative, shallow views. Maybe its time for real, deep, meaning and honesty. Next time you see trees, look deeper. There might be a whole forest.


  5. The Libertarian Party has a serious image problem. People think of it as the party of hateful, racist, greedy rejects of the GOP. Amash does nothing to fix that. Vermin has already been growing the party and spreading the word about libertarianism. He is exactly what this party needs.

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  6. I’m an independent, but I have paid more attention to the Libertarian party because of Vermin Supreme. I would vote for him over Trump or Biden. I will not vote for Amash. Take that as a sign you are poisoning your chances of seeing real traction when you put down Vermin because of his outrageous past.

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  7. I would trust Vermin in a national emergency. I have seen him inspiring total unity with an oversized toothbrush at the Rainbow Gathering.

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  8. There’s no way someone who is basically nothing but a media personality could become President in this day and age, right?

    Seriously though you talk about “fringe candidates”, when the Libertarian Party is a fringe party.

    People have to hear about us before they’ll take us seriously.

    Lots of people didn’t take Donald Trump seriously, and he’s as serious as a heart attack!


  9. If the Libertarian Party wants to be taken seriously, it needs to nominate the candidate who will get the most votes in November — that candidate is Vermin Supreme!

    — MrJM


  10. YOURE A HYPOCRITE if you believe the party should censure a candidate who gets NATIONAL attention, and has celebrity status and can bring us voted from NON VOTERS, and across both parties.


  11. So the LP are the DNC now, huh? Giving Vermin the ol’ Bernie treatment? In favor of a pathetic excuse for a “Libertarian” who wants to ban abortion? How is an idiot with an idea like *that* not laughed out of the party?

    If the LP does what you suggest, it will be the death of the party. Or at least it should be. Blatant corruption.


  12. Vermin Supreme is far more sane and far less a joke than the two clowns the GOP and DNC have. My friend, if you don’t understand Vermin Supreme ya may not understand true libertarianism. This is the perfect time to support someone like VS and help legitimize him.


  13. Is there some statistical reason you think mainstreaming you’re candidates is going to help?
    Did Bill freakin’ Weld help you get your 5%? 2%? …any improvement whatsoever over more ideological candidates? No?
    Stop pandering for votes and let the guy run. You need enough name recognition so that I never get asked “libertarian? Aren’t you guys the ones responsible for Lyndon Larouche?” Anymore.


  14. there is always the question of is the Libertarian Party principally interested in spreading the idea of liberty or in winning elections.

    Vermin Supreme *might* be the best option in both cases, but he is most certainly the best option for spreading the idea of liberty.


  15. I don’t think I could disagree more with this article, Vermins campaign and message is amazing. In a country so full of divisions, fear and anger, his humor actually creates meaningful, peaceful debate as well. I’ve gotten way more people interested in voting Libertarian for the first time with Vermin than with any candidate prior.


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