The LNC To Reconsider Holding a Virtual Convention

Today the Libertarian National Committee will meet to reconsider the previous passed motion to postpone the national convention. After seeking legal advice from the parties legal counsel Chairman Nick Sarwark has ruled that the term “place” in the bylaws can be a virtual place.

From Nick Sarwark’s Facebook page:

At today’s LNC meeting, this is what should happen:This is what should happen:Motion to Reconsider.Amend the previously adopted motion to say, “The Libertarian National Committee sets the time and place of the 2020 Libertarian National Convention to be May 23, 2020 at 9:00 am Central Time in a Zoom meeting.”Someone claims the amendment to be out of order.The Chair repeats his previous statement indicating that “place” can mean a Zoom meeting during an emergency that prevents meeting in a physical location and rules it in order.Someone appeals the ruling of the Chair.The LNC votes to uphold the ruling of the Chair.The LNC votes to adopt the motion.Meeting adjourns so we can get to work on writing a press release about being the only national political party agile enough to hold our national convention on time and under budget during a COVID-19 pandemic.

We have registered for the Zoom LNC meeting and will be listening in as the committee reconsiders the previous motion.

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