Libertarian Party to Choose Presidential Ticket By Virtual Vote Memorial Day Weekend Followed By In Person Convention in July

After a tortuous 8 hour LNC Zoom meeting the Libertarian National Committee voted 13-4 to pick the party Presidential nominee during Memorial Day weekend through a virtual platform and then follow up with a in person convention in Orlando from July 8-12.

After a few weeks of back and forth and whether or not the bylaws were being followed the leadership of the party came to this compromise.

Here is the meeting if you care to spend countless hours to watch:

One of the major problems with the party is the constant infighting that takes place. There are members of the LNC that hold holier than thou principles over common sense approaches to get Libertarian candidates elected to office and then claim to be the better person. We are in the middle of a global pandemic and it would be irresponsible to meet in person. It should have been a 100% online convention because guess what, we live in the 21st Century and our bylaws can adapt.

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