Jacob Hornberger Says He Cannot Commit to Supporting the Libertarian Nominee for President If Not Him

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is hosting the final round of their Presidential debate tonight. A question just came up whether or not each candidate would support the nominee of the party no matter who it might be and Jacob Hornberger said live during the debate that he could not do that at the moment.

See it for yourself:

Mr. Hornberger has been on the attack against Justin Amash the entire evening and you can see the anger he has for the fact that he is no longer the front runner of the party. It is quite selfish of him to say if it is not him that heads the banner of the party that he can’t commit to supporting.

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  1. I don’t know if I would define it as selfish or not. Vermin Supreme, for example, is not a serious candidate. Justin Amash, as a late-comer, should be subject to the same questioning that the other candidates were. His current libertarian street-cred is certainly higher than Gary Johnson’s should have been (especially for the small l libertarians who tend to remember religious freedom and freedom of association are freedoms too- like Rand Paul), but that’s not saying much. Amash strikes me as closer to an ideal candidate for the LP than any other since Ron Paul, but I’d still love to hear more debates with the other LP front-runners. I do agree with Justin Amash on the ‘spoiler’ front, as most Trump voters would not vote for Amash anyway. (Full disclosure- Though I lean libertarian, I did not vote for Johnson, and much of that decision was due to his responses in the Libertarian debate hosted by John Stossel. I also did not vote for either a Democrat or Republican) Considering Jacob Hornberger’s situation, I understand the sentiments expressed by him. I am hopeful, however, that if Justin Amash is nominated, Jacob Hornberger can put the debate mindset behind him and fully support him.


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