What Does an Amash Presidency Look Like?

With Justin Amash’s entrance into the 2020 Presidential field there have been many questions surrounding an Amash Presidency and what that might look like.

Congressman Amash has been the most consistent Libertarian member of Congress since his first election into the body. Here is a release from his campaign that outlines what his Presidency will look like.

One of the qualities that sets Justin apart in Washington is his consistency.

While other members of Congress abandoned their principles after being sworn into office or after the White House changed hands, Justin’s votes remained grounded in the same set of principles he brought to Congress nine years ago: securing individual rights, protecting liberty, and ensuring equality under the law.

That’s why you can trust him to bring those same principles to the White House.

But what does that mean in practice?

It means…

  • stopping policies that violate civil liberties, like civil asset forfeiture and indefinite detention
  • ending wars if Congress won’t authorize them, and bringing our troops home
  • refusing to sign omnibus spending bills that will pile more debt onto the next generation
  • ending mass surveillance and vetoing bills that reauthorize the Patriot Act
  • rejecting bills filled with earmarks or cronyist handouts to industry
  • demanding serious reforms to rein in our massive, unjust criminal justice system

It means bringing the government back to its most important role: protecting your rights.

These priorities have been the focus of Justin’s entire career in Congress, and it’s what this campaign is going to be about.

After more than 6,000 votes in Congress, we know what Justin stands for. While other candidates have had to distance themselves from their records or try to explain away their contradictions, Justin has been able to stand by his record because he never abandoned the principles he ran on.

Each of Justin’s votes has been driven by his focus on defending liberty and securing rights, and it’s these same priorities that will drive his presidency.

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