The 2020 Election: A Time For Choosing

The 2020 Presidential Election is shaping up to be the most consequential election in the 231 year history of our republic. Never before have we seen the dynamics at play and we are now pitted up against the massive government spending, uncontrollable debt, and a global pandemic the world has never seen in history. For too long we have allowed the same power elements control this country and what has it gotten us?

As a voter in the United States I have voted in elections all the way back to 2004. During that time the United States was in the midst of war with two countries, we had been attacked by a faceless coward three years prior and the country was united. That didn’t last long as the shadow of patriotism subsided and our political world came back to reality. In 2004 the national debt was only $7 Trillion (60% of our GDP) and people were up in arms back then.

Now we are in the year 2020 and we have a President that has ignored all conventions and propelled this country further down a road in which we can’t return. The national debt has ballooned to just under $25 Trillion (116% of our GDP) and thousands of Americans have died at the hands of an ineffective government.

The stigma that people have about our choices during a Presidential election has plagued our political state. We have lived for over a 160 years with two political parties that have done nothing but add more government, restrict our liberties, and created a disastrous financial burden for future generations. We constantly get told that one party will fix the problem but when they get into office the opposite takes hold. Instead we get a worser situation with a promise to fix it after the next election. How much longer can we be lied to?

I am reminded of Ronald Reagan’s speech in 1964 titled “A Time For Choosing.” In this speech the Governor of California at the time and eventual President grim outlook for the future of the country at the time if they picked Lyndon Johnson to be President. In this speech there is always one section that stands out and is very applicable to 2020.

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.  We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”


We have the same rendezvous with destiny in the 2020 election. As always we are told there are only two choices, either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, Democrat or Republican. We constantly get told that if we don’t vote for one of those two sides then we are wasting our votes, or ensuring the election of one of them.

The American people have a choice to make. They can no longer buy into the age-old argument that you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. As voters, we get trapped into this argument every election season as if we have to hold our nose and vote for somebody we really don’t believe in. The future of this country can no longer depend on ignorance, and as citizens of this great Republic, we have to stand up and make our voices heard.

I am standing up and making my voice heard by saying I won’t be forced into voting for somebody that I don’t believe in. I am standing by my conscience and voting for the best candidate that will bring a sense of brightness to this country’s future. I am voting for Justin Amash and the Libertarian Party in November.

My message for anyone that thinks they have to vote for the lesser of two evils is simple: listen to your conscience and realize that your vote as a citizen of the United States is precious. Don’t let anyone tell you by not voting for the Democrats, or Republicans, you are wasting your vote. No vote is wasted if it is cast in good judgment and based on what candidate you think is best for this country.

Stand up and choose.

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