Libertarian Party

LNC Members Propose Holding POTUS/VP Nominations By Electronic Balloting

Some breaking news tonight as it appears a big chunk of the Libertarian National Committee has agreed to a compromise that would allow delegates to vote for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominations by electronic balloting on June 6-7. Following Saturday’s LNC meeting the party leadership voted to postpone the upcoming convention to an in person convention no later than July 15th. There has been rumblings among people in the party and members that date is too late and would deter the POTUS candidate time to campaign and gain ballot access.

Joshua Smith, LNC member had this to say on Facebook tonight:

Many of us on the LNC just came together on an agreement to hold our POTUS/VP nominations by electronic balloting June 6-7, so I and others worked on a motion for the Saturday meeting. Even Joe Bishop-Henchman and I were able to agree that this will benefit the party hugely and hopefully quell some of the concerns we have listened to over the last 48 hours or so.

This proposal would leave all other businesses for the in person convention that the CoC is currently working prior to July 15th, but give states the opportunity to start campaigning for our Presidential candidates, and also meet the requirements for ballot access. Please feel free to drop your comments, or email the LNC if you have any questions or suggestions.

It appears that language proposed will read as follows:

We believe this a great compromise and will not delay the inevitable. We need our Presidential candidate chosen and out campaigning. This election is too important.

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