Fever-Reading Drones Are Coming in Effort to Combat Spread of Coronavirus Bringing on Huge Privacy Concerns

As governments ramp up efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus across the United States a new bizarre and unconstitutional effort is underway to use Fever-reading drones on the population to track Americans.

From MSN.com:

MIAMI — Last month, police departments in Daytona Beach, Fla., and Connecticut unveiled what was initially touted as a potential new tool against a pandemic: drones capable of taking a person’s temperature from 300 feet in the air.

Both agencies quickly backtracked on using the machines to track the novel coronavirus after backlash from civil liberty groups warning about the implications of a “Big Doctor” in the sky singling out people simply for running a fever, when it might be nothing more than a more common and less deadly flu.

They raised other concerns as well: Are cops supposed to be monitoring health information that is private under federal law? Are drone readings, even with sophisticated infrared sensors, a trustworthy way to protect public health without violating individual rights?

Obviously there are huge privacy concerns with this type of tactic being touted by local governments. Even though they have stepped back from this idea don’t think the issue is dead. They will use the guise of a pandemic to violate the constitutional rights of any American they can.

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