LP of Kentucky Hosting Presidential Candidate Debate Tonight

LPKY Presidential Candidate Debate
Round 2
May 2, 2020 – 8pm ET

Vote totals for candidates from Rounds 2 and 4 will be determined who moves to Round 5. Total votes collectively.

Facebook Live:


Moderator: Chris Wiest, LPKY Chair
Event Coordinator: Scott Filback
Invitees: Jacob Hornberger, John Monds, Jo Jorgensen, Jim Gray and Vermin Supreme

The debate will be approximately two hours in duration.

Feel free to address any questions by messaging @LPKentucky Facebook page.

May 3, 8pm ET – Round 3 – Candidate Forum/Debate Qualifier
May 6, 8pm ET – Round 4 – Debate
May 9, 8pm ET – Round 5 – Debate

Schedule for Debate
Moderator introduction/greeting (2-5 minutes)
Opening Statements (3 minutes per candidate)
General Election questions (2 minutes each for a response with 1 minute for rebuttals) total of 60 minutes
Candidate to Candidate Questions (1 per candidate, 1 minute for each question and 2 minutes to respond)
Submitted Questions from LPKY members (1 minute per candidate) total of 30 minutes
Candidate Closing Statements (3 minutes per candidate)
Moderator closing/sign off

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