Libertarian Party Postpones National Convention; Planning To Have An In Person Convention By July 15

The Libertarian National Committee met today to discuss the status of their national convention which was set to take place the weekend of Memorial Day in Austin, Texas. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has reared its ugly head and forced the LNC to consider alternatives.

The national committee considered and adopted a proposal to “Move to postpone the 2020 convention to an alternate date/location to be chosen by the LNC to a new physical location to take place no later than July 15, with a decision made by the LNC no later than ten days from today by electronic meeting.”

The vote tally is below.

Bilyeu Yes

Bishop-Henchman No

Ford No 

Goldstein Yes

Hagan Yes

Harlos Yes

Hewitt Yes

Lark Yes

Longstreth No

Mattson Yes

Merced No

Nekhaila No

Phillips No

Redpath No

Sarwark (Presiding)

Smith Yes

Van Horn Yes

Yes 9

No 7

Presiding 1

Here is the live stream of that meeting. It was consumed entirely over this single motion which appeared to upset Libertarian Party Chairman Nick Sarwark who at the end of it was lost for words and left the meeting.

In our opinion this was a bad decision on the part of the LNC. For the safety of their delegates and ballot access deadlines they should have voted to have a virtual convention and moved past this hold up.

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