A Virtual Convention is the Only Realistic Option for the Libertarian Party

Today the Libertarian National Committee will be meeting to discuss contingencies for the 2020 National Convention which has been attacked by the current pandemic. The host site for the convention in Austin has cancelled the event due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus and the national leaders of the party have a decision to make.

One option being discussed is to cancel the convention entirely, which would trigger another two-year term for all current members of the LNC, including Chair Nick Sarwark, and enable the LNC to choose the LP’s presidential ticket. Another proposal that is likely to be debated at Saturday’s meeting would allow for remote voting.

The grassroots Libertarians are having a meltdown on social media as this date has approached. Many believe neither of these options are worthy of consideration and that an in person convention must be held according to the by-laws of the party.

The LP Mises Caucus sent out an email to their supporters laying out their argument for the convention. Their biggest fear is that their endorsed chair candidate will not be considered for the position and that Nick Sarwark will just serve another 2 year term as an emergency action. The other big fear they have is that the LNC will just pick the nominee for President without any delegate input, which again is in violation of LP bylaws.

Even the Secretary of the Libertarian National Committee plans to take action if a virtual convention happens:

We believe that the only realistic option for the Libertarian Party is to hold a virtual convention in May. We are living in a time that no one imagined over 6 months ago and everyone in this country has had to adapt to this new lifestyle. The holier than thou Libertarians need to get off their high horse and understand the position the party is in right now with the venue in Austin cancelling the dates they had planned. They can’t wait to nominate a Presidential candidate because money and time needs to be focused on ballot access across the country. We need to move forward. A virtual convention allows the delegates to still have their voices heard and voting will still take place.

Bylaws can be adjusted during a pandemic and if someone doesn’t believe that then they are not ready to lead. We have all had to adapt to this situation and so can the LNC.

The Libertarian National Committee will be meeting today virtually at Noon Eastern time to consider next steps for the convention and possibly a solution. We will be tuning in to the meeting and providing you with complete analysis of their decision.

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