Justin Amash Capturing National Attention for His Libertarian Run for President

Congressman Justin Amash’s announcement on Tuesday that he would be seeking the Libertarian nomination for President has drawn the enthusiasm of Libertarians, but also has drawn the attention of the national media. Right away major publications and news outlets have run stories about the Congressman and his bid to take on the two major parties. He appeared on numerous news programs the past few days and has spread the message that the American people have another choice come November.

Despite what some hardcore Libertarians might think it is important to have a candidate that can spread the message of the Libertarian Party on a large scale and most of the other candidates running do not have the ability to complete that task. They lack the name recognition and the resources to get this type of attention hurts most of the candidates.

The difference with the other Republicans that have come into the party and run is that Amash truly is a Libertarian and has the highest intellect of any of the past Presidential candidates. He is articulate and can give the American people a comprehensive overview of the Libertarian platform. He is exactly what the party needs right now and can propel them to victory come November.

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