Justin Amash Receiving Overwhelming Support of Libertarians in Recent Polls

Congressman Justin Amash announced his intention to seek the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States Tuesday. This has been rumored back to July when he resigned from the Republican Party and became an independent in Congress. The support for Amash to run as a Libertarian has been growing over the past 9 months and with his announcement he generated a wealth of support from many people.

In an effort to capture the support that Amash has among Libertarians we ran our own poll on Twitter right after the announcement to gauge the reaction to his entrance.

As you can see from our unscientific poll the support for the Congressman is overwhelming among Liberty minded people. We made sure that we didn’t tag the candidates in the post in order to prevent retweeting on their parts to drum up support.

Another poll that was conducted was done by Matt Welch of Reason Magazine.

Reason has a good reach of followers that also mirrors the results we were getting. Yes, we know this isn’t scientific, but it does give a general idea where the Libertarian Party and Libertarians are thinking.

Amash brings a new dynamic to the Libertarian Party and the 2020 Election. The news coverage that he is getting on the national stage shows that the two major parties are scared of his candidacy. He brings a whole new level of intellect and reasoning to a race that has two old on the verge of dementia candidates that are completely wrong for this country.

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