The United States Congress Now Has A Libertarian Representative

With the official announcement from Justin Amash that he would be seeking the Libertarian nomination for President he also officially switched his voter registration to the Libertarian Party.

With this switch the United States Congress officially has three parties represented. There will now be an (L) next to Justin Amash’s name when he is represented in Congress and on the Media.

This is historic for the Libertarian Party which struggles to gain national traction for elected offices. Amash became a life time member of the party and is now the only federally elected official to be a Libertarian.

Amash’s decision to join the Libertarian party will be remembered in the party’s history books forever, even if only because it gives them an official voice in Congress.

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  1. So all a Republican needs to do to become a Libertarian is to pay? Then why do we need a Libertarian Party, again?


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