It Is Time To Reopen The Economy To Save Lives

The novel coronavirus that has been plaguing this country for almost two months has taken over 50,000 American lives and has plagued this country into a government mandated quarantine that has stripped away constitutional rights and damaged our thriving economy.

Congress has passed, and the President has signed, another multi-billion dollar relief package aimed at providing relief to small businesses that are struggling. As Senator Rand Paul says, “No amount of money, not all the money in China, will save us from ourselves. Our only hope of rescuing this great country is to reopen the economy. If you print up billions of dollars and give it to people, they’re unlikely to spend it until you end the quarantine,” Paul said from the Senate floor as they debated the latest bill to keep the American economy afloat. “We can’t continue on this course. No amount of bailout dollars will stimulate an economy that is being strangled by quarantine,” Paul added.

Studies are starting to pop up that suggest that the COVID-19 outbreak has been happening in this country for far longer than previously thought with outbreaks in major U.S. cities dating back to January. One would be naive to think that as this virus was hitting major Chinese cities hard back to last year we were able to contain it from entering the United States. We are a global society that has the ability to travel at the snap of a finger and make it around the world in hours.

Many Americans dating back to November and December of last year were experiencing illnesses that many thought were the flu, but testing came back negative. Doctors were clueless and suggested to the thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Americans that it must be some type of viral infection.

A new model by the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University in Boston shows the first infections came from China in early or mid-January, and that the virus went undetected because many people were not presenting symptoms.”The disease spread under the radar,” Alessandro Vespignani, director of the Network Science Institute, said on “CNN Newsroom” on Thursday.The model suggests that while Americans were still focused on China, about 28,000 people in major cities — such as New York, San Francisco and Seattle — were infected by March 1.

Our economy is the one suffering and dying as the government continues to keep us in quarantine. The damage that has been and will be done is far greater than this virus has accomplished. The loss of wealth but the lower and middle classes of America will be the greatest hit as businesses either stay closed or never open up again. The inability for this country to act fast to this virus has put us in this situation that will cripple our economic standing for years to come.

It is time to ope this country back up with strict guidances that will stop the spread of the virus, but America needs to move forward and not be chocked to death by a virus that is appearing to not have the mortality rate previously thought.

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