Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, Federal Judge allows Green and Libertarian Party Presidential and U.S. Senate Candidates on November Ballot Without Having to Gather Signatures

In a bout of good news during the COVID-19 pandemic a federal judge out of Illinois has ruled that the ballot access requirements for third parties like the Green and Libertarian Parties has been suspended.

From the Chicago Tribune:

A federal judge on Thursday issued an order that allows presidential, vice presidential and U.S. Senate candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties on Illinois’ Nov. 3 general election ballot without the normal petition-gathering process, which the judge called a “nearly insurmountable hurdle” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer also ruled that most other independent and third-party candidates for lower offices can collect signatures electronically and will need to get only 10% of the previously required signatures to get on the ballot. The deadline for getting the signatures, which will not have to be notarized, was extended from June 22 to Aug. 7 under Pallmeyer’s order.

This is a ruling that can/will carry across states as legal precedent. We wrote an article the other week suggesting that the ballot access requirements for third parties needs to be suspended. These political parties spend countless hours collecting signatures in front of grocery stores, at festivals, and other large gatherings as a way to gain access to the ballot. These rules are unconstitutional in general and during a health pandemic near impossible.

This ruling out of Illinois gives every other state legal standing and is now setting up fights across the country.

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