Rand Paul: Constitution doesn’t allow Trump to be ‘ultimate regulator of our lives’

Senator Rand Paul finally comes home to his Libertarian roots and challenges President Trump’s nothing that his power is unlimited.

Sen. Rand Paul dissented from President Trump’s claim that he has “total” authority over states. 

Without naming the president, the Kentucky Republican argued against Trump’s claim that he has absolute power over governors to reopen states that have ordered businesses, schools, and other entities to close to slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

“The constitution doesn’t allow the federal gov’t to become the ultimate regulator of our lives because they wave a doctor’s note. Powers not delegated are RESERVED to states & the PEOPLE. If we dispense with constitutional restraints, we will have more to worry about than a virus,” Paul tweeted Tuesday.

Senator Paul is correct. The power is reserved to the states and the people and they have no constitutional authority to run our lives.

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  1. This is why I love Rand Paul and pray for the best for him: He understands the meaning of principled and lives it out. He doesn’t balk at speaking truth to power, either, whether you are in his party or not. (If you have the opportunity to read the book he co-authored with James Randall Robeson- The Presidents and Their Prayers, you’ll be given another reason to love him.)


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