Jacob Hornberger is the Campaign of Principle for the Party of Principle

The 2020 election is taking an interesting turn as the country suffers through a global pandemic that has shut down businesses and people told to stay in their homes. With the election slated to be in November never has there been more at stake as we look to the future of our country.

The Libertarian Party offers more than any other in terms of answers and principled answers to the burning questions of our time. There is only one candidate for the LP that is campaigning on those principles and that is Jacob Hornberger. Now more than ever we need principled leadership in the party and in the White House. If you have been watching the news then you have seen the implosion of Donald Trump as he has abandoned his party principles and pushed us more towards a socialistic state with this pandemic.

Jacob joined the Liam McCollum Podcast Show and talked about the following “Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Jacob Hornberger joins me to talk about the Campaign of Principle for the Party of Principle. We talked about an alternative approach to the current coronavirus pandemic as well as the looming economic crisis. This is my longest interview yet. We talked about almost every issue. Towards the end, we talked about the JFK Assassination. Hornberger would release all info regarding the assassination.”

Check it out on Apple Podcasts

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