Congressman Thomas Massie Labeled an Asshole by John Kerry for Standing Up for the Constitution

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie has one allegiance, and that is to the United States Constitution. He tried to avoid the unanimous consent vote by asking for a roll call vote of the largest spending bill in United States history.

Because of this principle and conviction, he has been dubbed an asshole by a former senator and presidential candidate John Kerry.

So, by doing his job and asking that Congress actually vote on a $2 Trillion stimulus package he is somehow an asshole? As he rightfully points out this stimulus if full of other pork and not for the American people:

Even President Trump, the not so Republican President, doesn’t like when people stand up for the Constitution:

All we can say is good for the Congressman for standing up for what is right and standing behind the Constitution when no one else during this crisis is.

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  1. The Constitution requires both Houses of Congress to vote. The Constitution does NOT require a roll call vote. The Constitution leaves it to each house to set its own rules. Here’s an online copy. I challenge anyone to find where it says Congressional votes must be by roll call.


  2. Massie is our hero 🦸‍♂️ for standing up for the people. There are hidden dangers in anything Dems push but not look thoroughly at but instead put a bum rush on. Keep your thinking cap on and fear nothing they tell you to fear! It’s an April fools day joke on US


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