Donald Trump

Is The COVID-19 Response the End of President Trump?

The United States of America is looking quite different these days with the rapidly changing scope of the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world. The lifestyles of Americans is beginning to change and we are all hunkering down as this flu like virus spreads across the country.

How President Trump is responding to this crisis is being debated in political circles and it is not looking good for the President who thought he was in the clear following the impeachment circus a few months ago.

From CNN:

(CNN)America’s top infectious diseases expert is warning that hundreds of thousands of Americans could die unless every citizen joins an effort to blunt the coronavirus pandemic — only to be contradicted by President Donald Trump, who insists the virus is under “tremendous” control.The fresh sign of Trump’s unwillingness to accept the full, sobering reality of the outbreak came as an anxious America knuckles down to its new self-isolating reality. The country is bracing for the full fury of the virus that is already escalating sharply and is set to subject the foundations of basic life — the nation’s health care, economic and political systems — to a fateful test.

There is no national leadership in a time of crisis and we have a President that is clueless in how to respond to the situation. The stock market is in a free fall and three times in the past month emergency stop measures were put into place to prevent a total collapse of the market. Americans are panicking buying up entire grocery stores and we have a President who still has the same tone he always has and looking like an ass hat in the process.

The American people are ruthless in times like this and the way a President responds can go a long way. Take President Bush following the attacks of 9/11. He showed strength and determination during one of the biggest crisis in American history and won his reelection. Whereas, Trump is making this seem like that nothing is really happening and contradicting the leaders of his administration.

The answer for us is to elect a Libertarian, but at the end of the day President Trump will probably be vacating the Oval Office come January.

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