Jacob Hornberger: Repeal Medicare and Medicaid, abolish the Department of Health & Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Repeal Medicare and Medicaid, abolish the Department of Health & Human Services, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and end all government involvement in health care.

The United States once had the finest health-care system in the world. The standard of care was growing by leaps and bounds. Health care was reasonably priced, so much so that most people didn’t even feel the need to buy health insurance except for catastrophic illnesses. Doctors and hospitals voluntarily provided free health care to the poor. Doctors loved what they did in life.

Not anymore. For more than half-a-century, there has been an ongoing, never-ending health-care crisis in America, one that entails ever-increasing health-care costs that threaten to bankrupt people. Moreover, many doctors hate their profession and choose to retire as soon as they can.

There is a simple reason for this: Federal intervention into health care, consisting of (1) Medicare and Medicaid, two socialist programs enacted during the Lyndon Johnson administration in the 1960s, which have placed extraordinary financial demands on America’s health-care system; (2) occupational licensure, which artificially limits the supply of health-care providers; and (3) an ever-growing, intricate web of healthcare regulations and tax regulations that warp and distort the health-care industry.

There is but one solution to what Democrats and Republicans have done to destroy what was once the greatest health-care system in the world: a total separation of health care and the state, just as our ancestors separated church and state. That necessarily means the repeal, not the reform, of Medicare, Medicaid, occupational licensure, and healthcare and tax regulations, all of which are nothing more than a cancer on the body politic.

The free market produces the best of everything. A free-market health-care system is the only way to restore health to American health care.

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  1. Well, sure. Let’s go back to a time when medical care was segregated, Let’s go back to when the average male lifespan was ten years lower than it currently is. Let’s ignore that Canada and the UK, and every other first-world nation, has a longer lifespan than we do. Let’s ignore the fact that our infant mortality is higher than any other first-world country, and also higher than some second-world countries – and no, abortion isn’t the reason.

    Remember how we beat polio and smallpox by lining up all the poor people of the world and charging them a reasonable price for a vaccination?

    Remember all those successful lawsuits against companies peddling dangerous or just nonfunctional medicines before the FDA? Can you name one? How much did the plaintiff receive?

    I agree – it’s silly to license medical specialists. Can you tell me which unlicensed dentist you use, Jacob?


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