Donald Trump

President Trump Lays Out Socialist Agenda in the State of the Union

Last night’s State of the Union Address by President Trump was littered with divisive politics and fanfare. However, for a President that rallies against socialist ideas he laid out one of the most progressive socialist agendas a Republican could last night in his speech.

This President is all about pleasing a mass audience and making a show out of actual governing. He is not a real Republican and he is no fiscal conservative. He is a a socialist in disguise and has always been. Go back to the late 90’s when he claimed to be a member of the Democratic Party and then his eventual switch to the GOP.

He played everyone in 2016 that voted for him by cowtowing to their issues, but in all reality he is no friend of freedom and less government. He has already supported multiple gun control laws. He has raised the minimum age to by tobacco products to 21.

Last night he laid out a game plan similar to Bernie Sanders in an attempt to get people in this country to like him. Republicans turn a blind eye to all of this because their party is currently in the White House and it shows their true colors.

Just watch the speech for yourself:

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