End All Tariffs, Trade Restrictions, Trade Wars, Sanctions, and Embargoes.

Written by Jacob Hornberger, Libertarian Candidate for President

End all tariffs, trade restrictions, trade wars, sanctions, and embargoes.

In every trade, both sides benefit. That’s because both of them are giving up something they value less for something they value more. Thus, trade enables people to raise their standard of living. Any governmental restriction on trade reduces people’s standard of living.

More important, everyone has the fundamental, natural, God-given right to buy whatever he wants from whomever he wants and sell whatever he wants to whomever he wants, anywhere in the world. It’s his money and property, not the government’s.

There is but one right course of action when it comes to trade: Unilaterally lift all restrictions on the American people to trade with anyone in the world and end all the trade wars that President Trump and other U.S. officials are waging against foreign countries. No trade negotiations and no trade treaties are necessary. Instead, simply free the American people to travel wherever they want and trade with whomever they want.

At the same time, lift all the U.S. sanctions and embargoes against every foreign country, including Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. Targeting foreign citizens with death or economic privation as a way to achieve regime change or other political aim is a moral abomination. Moreover, sanctions and embargoes constitute a grave infringement on the economic liberty of the American people.

Free trade, freedom of association, freedom of travel, and economic liberty are keys to peace, prosperity, and harmony among the people of the world. It is up to the American people to lead the way.

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  1. Libertarians claim to apply all moral judgments equally to private citizens and governments. We see here that this is not the case. The right to free trade is not absolute, but contingent on not harming third parties. You have no right to buy stolen goods. You have no right to sell weapons to those who intend to use them for armed robbery or murder. Knowingly participating in such transactions makes you an accessory to the crime, and it is entirely appropriate that you be punished first by forfeiting that filthy lucre, and second by suffering punishment proportional to the harm you inflicted.


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