Adam Kokesh Wins the LP Georgia Post Debate Straw Poll

It appears the great people in Georgia didn’t make the same mistake that the Libertarians in New Hampshire did the other day by allowing Vermin Supreme to win their Presidential preference poll.

Adam Kokesh came out on top this time among the delegates to the Georgia convention that will be sending delegates to the national convention later this year.

The top four candidate totals were as follows-

1st place- Kokesh 47

2nd place- Jorgensen 29

3rd place- Supreme 26

4th place- Behrman 21

“It should be noted that the establishment candidate and former Democrat/ Republican Lincoln Chaffee did not make the top four. This is a signal that the party will not be fooled again by outsiders attempting to further dilute the Libertarian Party principles. Kokesh and several other candidates have been campaigning and working together to ensure a Libertarian is the POTUS nominee for the party in 2020.”-Adam Kokesh

According to a press release by the campaign “This vote is yet another signal that Kokesh is the frontrunner in this race. Not only are the party activists lining up behind his unifying message of localization with votes but also with money. The Kokesh campaign enjoys a sizable fundraising lead. He has raised more money than all other candidates for the LP nomination combined.”

We will continue to follow the progress of state conventions for the Libertarian Party as we get closer to the national convention.

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