U.S. Senate Shutting the Public Out of Impeachment Trial

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is set to begin Tuesday and with much fanfare the American public is set to be shut out of the proceedings.

From the New York Times:

Journalists are up in arms about new restrictions on their movement inside the Capitol, which they say will prevent them from easily interviewing lawmakers about the proceedings. The rules, negotiated by Republican Senate leadership, have yet to be written down, causing confusion among reporters and the Capitol Police expected to enforce them.

Even sedate C-SPAN is aggrieved, calling on the Senate to allow its television crews to document the trial, instead of the government-controlled cameras that — as was the case during Bill Clinton’s trial 21 years ago — will limit what viewers see and hear inside the Senate chamber.

The Impeachment of a sitting U.S. President is one of historic proportions and deserves to have the attention of the American public. Therefore, the proceedings should be broadcasted in their entirety. The American people deserve this from their elected officials and government.

The Congress has deemed it necessary to bring this trial to remove a sitting President and the Republicans in control of the Senate are doing everything they can to cover up the wrongdoings of their beloved Trump. His abuse of power has gone on for too long and the American deserve to hear the testimony and evidence being brought forward by the elected representatives of this country. We also deserve to see which Senators obstruct or vote against certain witnesses in an attempt to protect Trump.

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