Jacob Hornberger: Time to End the War on Drugs

Jacob Hornberger is seeking the Libertarian Presidential nomination. Here is position on the long time Drug War

Legalize drugs, all of them.

It would be difficult to find a better example of a failed and destructive federal program than drug prohibition. Not only has the war on drugs failed to achieve its purported objective of eliminating or drastically reducing drug consumption in America, it has also contributed greatly to the level of violence and corruption in American and Latin American societies and to the destruction of the liberty and privacy of the American people. The drug war also happens to be the most racist government program since segregation, given that its adverse consequences have fallen disproportionately on African-Americans.

Drug consumption is none of the government’s business. A person in a genuinely free society has the right to ingest whatever he chooses, no matter how harmful, dangerous, damaging, or destructive it might be. When government wields the power to punish a person for ingesting something that the government doesn’t approve of, there is no way that people in that society can legitimately be called free.

Drug addiction belongs in the private sector, in places like Alcoholics Anonymous or drug-rehabilitation programs. People suffering from drug addiction should feel comfortable about openly disclosing and talking about their drug problem. Moreover, drug users should be free to secure safe drugs in reputable places like pharmacies rather than in the black market.

Republicans and Democrats are destroying our nation, our freedom, and our privacy with their decades-long failed and destructive war on drugs. A necessary prerequisite to restoring peace, humanity, liberty, and privacy to our land lies in ending drug prohibition.

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