New Liberty Super PAC Formed in Anticipation of a Possible Justin Amash Presidential Run

The rumor mills have been spinning for quite sometime about a possible Justin Amash Presidential run. We ran a story the other week hinting at Amash being close a decision to run for President.

Now, a new Super PAC called Voice for America has been formed to promote Liberty candidates across the country and features Justin Amash front and center on their main page.

Conversations with people close to this Super PAC say that many of their donors are pushing for a Justin Amash Presidential run. After digging deeper it might come as an independent and not under the Libertarian Party banner like previously thought.

Congressman Amash has made quite the name for himself ever since he left the Republican Party back in July and became the only independent member of the House of Representatives. He has been an outspoken critic of President Trump and a staunch supporter of his impeachment from office.

The Liberty movement on the national level has been gearing up for a dynamic candidate to run for President and shed light on the tyrannical nature that both major parties exhibit every day.

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  1. By the time the Libertarian decide who will be their candidate, most of the oxygen will have been sucked from the air and onky the two main parties will get any attention by anyone.

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    • We will be deciding in May, so that actually precedes the national conventions of the two major party/corporations.
      Worry more about WHO, not when.


  2. I never thought I’d see the day when I would be worried about the Libertarian vote being split. While I am very excited about Amash running as either Libertarian or independent, if he doesn’t run as the LP candidate it will be the cause of much tossing and turning in my bed at night…unless the LP continue to give up and nominate Vermin Supreme as now seems likely.

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