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In Private Event At Mar-a-Lago Trump Declares He Doesn’t Care About The Federal Budget

In a private event at Mar-a-Lago with top donors for his reelection campaign President Trump claimed “Who the hell cares about the budget? We’re going to have a country.” This comes as the President has increased defense spending by $2.5 Trillion and adding over $3 Trillion to the National Debt in his time as President.

For most of the time that President Obama was in office Republicans seemed to care about the budge, but that seems to have changed now that their dear leader is in office.

The budget and spending is one of the top issues this country faces and we now have a President that is boasting behind closed doors away from the American people that spending doesn’t matter as long as he gets reelected.

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  1. The president does not pass the budget, congress does. He can say to hell with it from now until the end of his elected term and if congress does not pass what he asked for, to hell with his request. And if you remember, the House creates the budget and has been under democrat control for some time.

    I know you are a never Trumper and follow the lead of the main stream media, but lets place the blame where the blame belongs.

    Spending and taxes…Congress
    Foreign policy..President
    Trade..much on President, with agreements having some congressional oversight.
    War..Declaration by congress, procedure duringvwar, president, unless congress abdicates power through AUMF’s allowing enemies identified as “other” individuals.


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