The Libertarian Party Needs New Leadership Fast!

The 2020 election cycle is proving to be one of the best in American history. A third party is in a position to be the most important factor in determining the political future of this country. The Libertarian Party is on the cusp of making itself a dynamic political alternative but they keep sticking themselves in the foot and it starts with the current leadership.

This weekend Vermin Supreme was given the spotlight at the New Hampshire convention. He was the winner of the presidential preference poll of delegates and state party members. Then tonight national party chair Nick Sarwark took to Facebook to give some holier than thou argument about the bylaws of the party and its inclusiveness.

The fact that the national party would even give Supreme a platform to speak on shows the ignorance they have towards actually being considered a force in national politics. It has nothing to do with principles but rather their inability to be taken seriously. There are many Libertarians out there but stay far away from the party because if charades like the one in New Hampshire.

The party leadership is responsible for this and it is their job to attract people to join and not scare them away with the crazy.

The only chance of success for the Libertarian Party is new leadership across the board from chairman down. They are the most powerful Libertarians in the country currently. They hold the highest governing offices as Libertarians and need to focus on bigger things.

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  1. There are three well known “Libertarians” that the LP either at best ignores or worst rejects that shows how incompetent the leadership is. Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano. The judge and Ron Paul could add significant knowledge and shape a new strategic plan for the LP. Right now all the leadership is interested in is partying every couple years paid for by the LP .


  2. It isn’t the job of “leadership” to pick the nominee of our party or the candidates, its the job of delegates and members. Leadership is there to build the party in general and help the nominated candidates in particular, keep the lights on and be spokespersons for our Platform and views. Fixing the nomination process is more how the corrupt old duopoly do it.


    • You and I have a completely different view of leadership. I believe leadership creates the environment for success. This starts with a mission statement, and a strategic plan . Then membership creates the goals and objectives to fulfill those objectives.

      If leadership is fine for a party to hold meetings, conventions and party for 50 years and not be known for much more than being the party of pot heads and Vermin Supreme’s, then they also need to be fine with getting 5% or less of the national vote.

      If that is not in their package of acceptable outcomes, then steps need to occur to find influential individuals to build an alternative party that builds on the vast number of voters that lean libertarian in their personal lives, but hold their noses and vote for the lessor of two evils given to voters by the money in America.


    • Thats what I tried to point out. Leadership and not the nominees. How does leadership create an environment where those like Supreme can run, but others much more qualified have a much larger support system and appeal to a broader scope of American voters.

      I am a Libertarian in the sense of “common sense” Libertarian. Ron and Rand Oaul. Napolitano. Justin Amish are examples. But right now the patients seem to be manning the mental ward.


  3. I registered as a Libertarian in the early 80s, but I’ve not been very active because I don’t get along well with cheapskates, racists, gun nuts and anarchists.


  4. It is perfectly true that the L.P. is not acting serious about being a viable party. The party does need new leadership – but not necessarily from the top. That is the traditional statist way of viewing a problem. The leadership that is needed is from ALL of the members and supporters. That is the Libertarian ethic as well as the reality of becoming successful. Thousands of members can take the initiative and do what the author suggests – write to Ron Paul or others to convince them to run, get down to the fund raising (because that is also a serious crisis) and go to your state primaries and vote like you CARE. Show the country that we are ALL serious. I could care less who the leader is because actual results come from the entire corpus of the party not from one person. Here is an example of how: For my part, I am using my position as a part time community college professor to arrange speaking engagements on campus for the serious contenders among libertarian candidates. I am teaching about the existence of the party in my classes and I am otherwise donating what little money and volunteer time I have early on to help the party play to WIN. When I talk to our candidates, I make it clear to them that I expect them to run to WIN. Not 5% of the vote – play to WIN. But that is moot if the small membership that this party has don’t all get down to business NOW – January of the election year – and show their leadership – ALL of them.


    • In theory your ideas are good. In practice there are many things you suggest that membership can do. But if you do not have a clear message and strategic plan to get from point A to point B, anyone with a reputation they use to generate income or influence others is not going to go public and support an organization that has Vermin Supreme making headlines as a winner in a state party vote. Remember, those are the same members that you say the change needs to come from. Ron Paul and others with libertarian positions will never align with the ” Supreme” party.


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