Vermin Supreme Wins the New Hampshire Libertarian Party State Convention Nomination Poll

We have criticized the Libertarian Party for not being serious enough for voters because they have allowed Vermin Supreme to run for President under their party banner. We have been assured that it is all just a joke and the LP can be taken seriously.

We now have doubt with that assumption since Vermin Supreme has won the New Hampshire nomination poll at the Libertarian Party state convention.

Picture courtesy of JD Olitzky

This is exactly what is wrong with our party. The Libertarians in this country don’t take winning elections seriously and instead tout this nonsense that they are an inclusive party. Yes, they are inclusive and this is what we get. We get the ridiculousness that comes with Supreme and when the national cameras are pointed at us we become the laughing stock of national politics.

Members of the Libertarian Party, particularly in New Hampshire, should be ashamed of themselves. Nick Sarwark should state this as well as the Chairman of the Party and tout real candidates for President and stop this charade.

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  1. I’m NOT even a Libertarian & I REALLY DISLIKE absurd candidates like Vermine Supreme. Jokwes like him only CONTINUE the TRIVIALIZING of Third party candiodates, when we DESPREATELY need ALTERNATIVES to the CORPORATE-sponsored 2-Party system.


      • He hasn’t seen past the boot because he’s a “purist” and “these things need to be respectable God damnit” 😅🤣.
        Really though anyone with the power to write and get something published needs to delve deeper. The question of how did this happen should be met with I’m going to find out, or in this case who is this guy what is his platform and what does he say/do that made him? And not taking the time to write edit publish ignorance.


    • Read what you just wrote. We desperately need alternatives. Vermin Supreme is that alternative. People are indicating they will vote for him.

      We’ve been running around, selecting unfunny candidates for decades now. As third parties go, we’re a loser. Look at the history of US third parties who have run Presidential candidates, and the first thing you will notice is that the Libertarians have never been even slightly dangerous to the Big Two. If we were in this to win for a third party, we’d have to admit that the voters aren’t buyin’ what we’re sellin’ and instead we’d get another hobby.

      If anything, things are even bleaker in the legislature. Third parties much smaller than we are have won Senate seats.

      We don’t have a single governor to point to.

      THIS is why I support Vermin Supreme. If we’re really in this for philosophical reasons, he’s the best candidate. If we’re pretending we can win elections, we could do it much cheaper by selecting someone at random.


    • I understand your point of view, but there’s no hope. If someone like Ross Perot, who was taken about as serious as any candidate since forever and had money to back himself and he still couldn’t break 20%, I’m not sure when it’s ever going to happen.


      • Perot would have won had he not screwed his own campaign by quitting and then reentering the contest.


  2. I guess you don’t believe In the principals of the party, because based on the INDIVIDUALS RIGHT to choose whom they wish, you’re calling us all wrong. You’re discrediting our entire system based on our founding principals and ideals.

    So are you REALLY a libertarian, or are you just a tight lipped, hoity toity republican with a stick up your arse?


  3. You couldn’t be more wrong. Vermin Supreme is running a serious campaign. He is a SERIOUS candidate. He is going to be our candidate, and hopefully our President.


  4. All hail the Supreme Vermin
    Vermin Supreme

    Anyone who sees otherwise doesn’t understand how democracy works… The top Vermin always wins. Why not vote for the Supreme Vermin?


  5. The party has been playing the same game as the Republicans and Democrats for years, picking a bullshit candidate whose only merit is that they fit with the establishment abs forcing them down the voters throats.

    Anyone who actually stands a shot at victory gets shut down or pushed out of the party.

    Suddenly a candidate who stands against all that shoots up in the polls, and your take-away is that the voters aren’t taking things seriously? That’s all? No time taken to question WHY?

    I think you need to take YOUR role more seriously as someone who writes on these subjects.


  6. It would be of great service if anyone would bring in a candidate who honestly cares for America and its future to come into office and actually get things done. I seriously doubt that will happen.


  7. The LPs /raison d’être/ isn’t to elect candidates. It never was. The sooner libertarians ‘rediscover’ that fact the better.

    The goal is to put forward a person who the legacy (“mainstream”) media outlets will talk to, thus getting the ideas of liberty out to a wider audience. (Yes, the MSM is a bunch of lying state apologists. But millions of people still watch them.)

    With the legacy corporte media being bent on removing Trump, and them also thinking libertarians “take away” votes from Republicans, they may be stupid enough to put the libertarian candidate on a lot more than usual… and we really can’t have someone who wears a boot on his head when that happens.


  8. Good! The LP is getting back to ridiculing the State and education, rather than trying to get rulers elected. This was the original vision by Rothbard, Wendy McElroy, George Smith, etc.


  9. The Libertarian party is a laughing stock because the majority of your ideas are garbage. The fact that you now have a joke candidate doing better than your “serious” field should be an indicator of how unpopular your policies are.


  10. Vermin is the most serious candidate in the country.

    The most serious-minded people in the world have gotten us into the situation we’re in.

    The truly sane response is absurdity. If you’re not for a pony based economy then are you really an American?

    Brush your teeth.


  11. Vermin Supreme all the way! The ultimate joke on the government, two-party system and the establishment.


  12. 4 years ago, I thought the Republican party wasn’t serious enough because they nominated Donald Trump.
    Apparently, I was wrong then. And Vermin Supreme is more credible than Trump.


  13. Just the latest show of stupidity by the LP. I quit around 2000 because I seen the beginnings of this and if you spoke out you were not tolerant. Just put a fork in the LP as it is done, they have not been a serious party since around 2000 and Harry Browne. Since then they have run washed up RINO’s – the LP has become their wallo pit and Sarwark does not care. Is he a plant? nobody that wants to grow a serious party would support this. Sarwark should be ousted as chair as he is destroying the party. At this point it probably does not matter as the LP has done this for 2 decades and the road back to seriousness is at least twice that long.


  14. I find VS to be an interesting candidate and since the left and the right seem bent to continuously run nut jobs I think he represents the current political climate perfectly. Besides if you can’t run a candidate that will win then at least run someone that will get ideas out there. The biggest achievement of Ross Perots run was that he made the politicos pause. Politics slipped towards sanity and the people were heard and taken seriously. Getting ideas out there is most important part Of third parties jobs. (Oh and screw you grammar critics. If that’s your only comment then give it a rest)


  15. He has the best chance to win there is no one better out there then Mr Trump and if Trump gets thrown out of office I’m writing in supremes name be cause there is no one better I have contributed to them both and if nether one wins there could be civil unrest in the country Florida will stand with vermon supreme before any demacrte running


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