Kim Ruff Ends Bid for the Libertarian Presidential Nomination

Kim Ruff, a principled Libertarian, candidate for President of the United States has ended her bid for the Libertarian nomination.

From Ruff:

We feel that the current Libertarian Party presidential field of candidates is full of those who are both principled messengers and have the means and resources to do the movement proud.
After much serious deliberation with our campaign team, family and friends- we have decided to conclude our campaign. We promised you, our supporters and volunteers- that we will tirelessly fight for liberty.
We will therefore be downshifting our efforts to focus strictly on helping down ballot candidates by suspending our candidacy entirely and using our infrastructure and resources where they’re most likely to effect positive change: locally.
We believe we have the most passionate and hardworking supporters and we hope you will all join us in this next phase of igniting the brushfires of liberty throughout our beloved land.

Kim Ruff
John Phillips

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  1. I am disappointed but I appreciate Ms Ruff for acting like a true Libertarian. Ms. Ruff, I hope you run next time. The party would do very well to have a female candidate: The best the Democrats can do on that front is a female psychopath and the best the Republicans can do is a sexist male. So I hope we see you again.


  2. While I didn’t fully back her prior to this announcement, I do think that she was one of the few candidates that was both principled, radical, and running a serious campaign. I didn’t see that with any of the other candidates (other than Hornberger). I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.


    • You can check out his website at His running mate is radio host Spike Cohen, also a radical, principled Libertarian.


  3. Although Kim was not my first choice, she was high on my list and I was likewise disappointed to see her drop out. Perhaps she will consider running again at some point? We can hope!


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