Colorado’s Death Penalty Could Be Repealed This Year

A changing tide it taking place in this country and one of the biggest issues that is evolving is the death penalty. For a long time judicial advocates believed that the death penalty was a tool to curb crimes that were deemed to be heinous. However, that tone has changed as states across this country were putting people to death for crimes less than that standard.

Colorado is poised to become the next state to repeal the archaic method of punishment.

From the Denver Post:

For those who tried to repeal the death penalty in Colorado last year, the 33 and one were never in question. But the 2019 bill, widely seen as a shoo-in one year ago, never had more than 15 confirmed votes in the 35-member Senate, and it fizzled in dramatic fashion.

New in the “yes” column this year are Republicans Jack Tate and Owen Hill. Last year’s bill had only one Senate Republican — Kevin Priola of Henderson — confirmed in support. This time around, Tate has not only flipped his vote, but will team up with Denver Democrat Julie Gonzales as lead sponsor of the 2020 repeal bill.

“I believe we should promote public policies that make our communities safer and provide victims with the services they need,” Tate, of Centennial, said when asked about his change of heart. “The death penalty fails to do those things while also risking innocent lives. My experience shows it is an ineffective and expensive system, and my philosophical stance is that the state should not have the power of life and death.”

Hill, of Colorado Springs, said in a text message: “I am opposed to governments killing their citizens and will sponsor the bill.”

The trust that citizens have in their government is at an all time low and the state having the ability to take the life of its citizens does not sit well with most people. Especially, when there are multiple cases of wrongful deaths at the hand of the states that executed people that were actually innocent.

The death penalty has also proven to be skewed to one race of people and opponents use this argument for justification for repeal of this outdated practice.

We will monitor what happens in Colorado this legislative session and keep you updated on the bill.

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