LP Mises Caucus Endorses Jacob Hornberger for the Libertarian Nomination for President

Press Release from the LP Mises Caucus:

The executive committee of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus voted unanimously at its last meeting to endorse Jacob Hornberger in his candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

Last month, the LPMC hosted live video Q&A sessions with five LP presidential candidates who topped a straw poll in our Facebook supporter’s group of the announced LP candidates. Those candidates were Hornberger, Kim Ruff, Vermin Supreme, Adam Kokesh, and Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman.

While all five of the interviewed candidates made a strong case for their plans to advance the principles of liberty, Hornberger’s decades-long record of effective libertarian advocacy and activism, along with his excellent personal character, suggest to us that he will run a bold, principled campaign of which all Libertarians can be proud.

During our talk with him, he was most impressive when speaking about his opposition to the growing American domestic police state, the interventionist foreign policy consensus that has spawned endless wars of choice, and economic policies that smother the free market with taxes, regulations, and the Federal Reserve’s reckless inflation and credit expansion.

Of the remaining four candidates we interviewed, Kim Ruff stood out clearly as a reliable, credible, and extremely well-spoken candidate—one who we think would make a stellar running mate on Hornberger’s ticket, should he be fortunate enough to win the nomination.

Libertarian Party delegates from all 50 states will first select the party’s presidential candidate, then its vice presidential candidate at the national convention in Austin, Texas, March 21-25.

The LPMC looks forward to working with Hornberger to secure the nomination and supporting a campaign uniquely poised to revive the Ron Paul Revolution—a key goal for the Mises Caucus. We thank all of the candidates we spoke to for their dedicated service in the cause of liberty.

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