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Ron Paul blasts Trump: ‘Foreign policy is in shambles’

With the recent airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, there has been a lot of talk about the role of America in the world. Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul said he wished President Trump would “flip-flop” his policy on Iran and criticized Trump’s loyalty to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia.

“I think our country is not doing so well. Our foreign policy is in shambles,” the Texas Republican said. “Unfortunately, the one place where I wish he would flip-flop every once in a while or change his policy completely is dealing with Iran. He is steady on it, he said it on the campaign. He’s very loyal to Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia.”

“I think this chaos has been tremendously increased, and it’s hard to figure out how they can work their way out,” Paul said. “But, it’s a hole that’s been dug for a long time, but I think the hole by Trump has gotten much deeper and much faster, and there’s no easy way out. Overall, it represents the stupidity of the interventionist foreign policy.”

Paul’s co-host, Daniel McAdams, suggested that if Democrats want to impeach the president, they should focus on Thursday’s unilateral decision to strike military leaders in Iraq.

“If you wanted to impeach Trump, I think this would be a decent thing to do,” McAdams said. “Without any authorization from Congress, he sent a drone or helicopter to assassinate a foreign political and military leader from a country with which we are not at war.”

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