Big Spender Trump Is Drowning in His Swamp

Guest article written by Jacob Hornberger, Libertarian candidate for President

First it was the generals who took control over U.S. foreign policy, preventing President Trump from bringing the troops home from the Middle East and Afghanistan, as he said he was going to do. 

And now, it’s the federal bureaucracy that has absorbed Trump. According to the Washington Post, Trump has just “signed off on 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, a generous raise, and a midweek vacation day before Christmas against the recommendation of his own staff — and as he issued an exuberant letter of thanks to ‘Our Incredible Federal Workforce.’”

SOS! Trumpsters need to save their man because he is drowning in the Washington, D.C., swamp that he once decried. 

The federal debt is now over $23 trillion. Trump, who once criticized those Big Spender Democrats for their profligacy, is himself adding another trillion dollars each year to that debt. That means that if he is reelected, he and his big spending will ensure that the federal government’s debt will be close to $30 trillion when he exits the presidency in 2024, assuming that he hasn’t plunged the nation into bankruptcy by then. 

Don’t forget also that Trump was the presidential candidate who promised to eliminate the federal government’s debt in 8 years. His supporters need to point out to him that he can’t eliminate the debt when he’s adding $1 trillion a year to it.

Don’t forget also that that $23 trillion debt does not include the big and ever-growing unfunded liabilities, such as Social Security and Medicare.

Do you remember when Republican presidential candidates would at least call for the abolition of the Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, and other unnecessary departments, agencies, and programs? Not anymore. Now they praise, glorify, and extol them and give them raises. 

Not surprisingly, federal bureaucrats are ecstatic with Trump. John Milan Sebik, a bureaucrat with the Social Security Administration, said, “I think it’s creating a positive buzz in my office.” Needless to say, those big-spending Democrats, who were absorbed by the federal swamp a long time ago, are ecstatic as well.

The Post writes, “Trump’s actions have complicated conservatives’ goals to shrink government and hold employees accountable.”

Give me a break! Does anyone, including the Post, really believe that? Despite their “shrink the size of government” rhetoric, conservatives have long been as big spenders as progressives, given their joint devotion to every socialist, interventionist, and imperialist program that comes down the pike and, for that matter, to the entire welfare-warfare state way of life that Republicans and Democrats have jointly foisted upon our nation. 

Trump’s expansion of the D.C. swamp is just another sign of how Republicans and Democrats are leading America in a very bad direction. Now that Trump has been coopted by both the generals and the bureaucrats, it is painfully clear that despite his campaign rhetoric, his term in office is just four more years of Bush-Obama.

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