The U.S. Embassy Attacked in Iraq; Trump Beating the War Drum

Americans woke up this morning to the news that the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq was under attack from militia members protesting the United States. While an attack on our embassy is cause for extreme concern and should be defended at all cost what we don’t need is for our leaders jumping the gun and blaming groups for this attack in an effort to drum up another war.

Well, President Trump is already beating the War Drum blaming Iran for backing the protest attack on the Embassy in Iraq.

What this country doesn’t need is another endless war in a middle east country because we think they are a threat to American society. The President is too quick to action and could put this country in a state of peril. He has already had is faithless followers in Congress responding as well.

Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said in a statement, “When an Iran-backed militia killed an American in Iraq last week, it met with a firm response. Now our embassy in Baghdad — sovereign U.S. territory — has been attacked in yet another reckless escalation. As the President notes, Iran must be held responsible.”

Yes, if Iran was involved in this then action should be taken, but it should not be militarily. We can’t afford another war in the middle east desert.

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