Government Ranks as Top U.S. Problem for Third Year

As 2019 closes and 2020 is inches away Gallup has released its annual survey on “the most important problem facing our country today.” For the third straight years Americans can agree on one thing; the biggest problem is the U.S. Government.

“WASHINGTON, D.C. — For the third straight year, the government and certain domestic challenges have been at the forefront of Americans’ minds when asked to name “the most important problem facing the country today.” At the same time, economic and national security concerns have been conspicuously absent from the top mentions.”

“The 27% of Americans who name the government as the top challenge this year exceeds the average of 22% in 2018 and is the highest annual average for the problem in Gallup records.”

“Gallup has been asking its Most Important Problem question since 1939, including monthly measures since 2001 as part of the Gallup Poll Social Series. The accompanying graph displays the top four issues for each year from 2001 to 2019 based on the average annual results.”

Ronald Reagan was right when he said that government is not the solution to our problems; it is the problem.

More and more people are catching on to the idea that our current political structure is hindering our progress as a society. The two major parties have a real problem when it comes to trust and the idea of a alternative party is starting to take hold.

Let’s see what 2020 brings since it is an election year.

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