The ‘Afghanistan Papers’ Confirm The Worst Fears About America’s Longest War

It has been 18 years since the United States entered into war with the country of Afghanistan. Following the attacks of September 11th, this country engaged in hostile confrontation with a people that most Americans had never heard of. A breeding round for radical Islamic terror groups the country of Afghanistan has been a forgotten land for many. It wouldn’t be shocking to find out that the successes in this war have not been what has been told by our government and now being exposed in the newly released Afghan papers.

There have been many of us for years saying that this war was being fought with no end in sight and no objective. We were shutdown for years with people rallying behind an idea that it was necessary for the United States to be involved in this country.

The Washington Post dug deep into what was really going on in Afghanistan. But the Post report suggests that even that reality didn’t make the war’s focus clear. The newspaper combed through thousands of pages of documents and hundreds of interviews gleaned through public-records requests. The newspaper found “that as the war dragged on, the goals and mission kept changing and a lack of faith in the U.S. strategy took root” at the highest levels. Officials couldn’t even agree on the purpose of the war: some wanted to turn the nation into a democracy, others wanted to “transform Afghan culture and elevate women’s rights” and “still others wanted to reshape the regional balance of power among Pakistan, India, Iran and Russia.” They failed on all counts.

The arrogance of American officials has always been amazing. There have been many moments in American History where the government has failed (The War on Drugs, The War on Poverty, etc) and yet we entrusted them yet again to deal with a country that in 2001 most Americans couldn’t even identify on a map. Yet, 18 years later and the lie is being exposed, but at what cost.

American lives have been lost in Afghanistan. More lives then were lost on September 11th and with each passing President we are still engaged in America’s longest conflict in history. People in the 60’s and 70’s thought Vietnam was bad, but in comparison we have been at war with this country longer and with what to show?

We put so much trust in our leaders thinking the right thing will be accomplished, but with every passing President we are still in this mess. Obama came along and promised to draw down and end the war. In his 8 years that was a lie. Now we have Trump promising to draw down troops in Afghanistan, but we still haven’t seen that happen. The only grace that we have right now is that with the release of these Pentagon papers we might actually see some progress in ending this endless war.

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