Donald Trump

Is The Duffey Email the Smoking Gun the Dems Need to Remove Trump From Office?

The House of Representatives voted last week to Impeach President Trump making him only the third U.S. President to have that label tagged to his Presidency. The U.S. Senate now awaits a trial to decide whether or not he should be removed from office.

Now, the Senate Democrats are calling for more witnesses for the trial next month, and one in particular that might prove their case of a quid pro quo that was alleged by the House during the initial impeachment process.

Republicans in the House suggested that no military aide was withheld because of this phone call based on the transcipts. Trump did ask the President of Ukraine to investigate Biden during the call, but did not specifically mention the military aid. However, it would appear this email from Duffey would be the smoking gun the Democrats need to prove the case of abuse of power and remove Trump from office.

The Republicans should allow Michael Duffey to testify in the Senate trial and let this information come to light. It is only fair to the process (which they complained about in the House) and allow the American people to be the final judge of the information.

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  1. “and allow the American people to be the final judge of the information.”

    That’s called “election 2020”, dipwad.


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