New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Support the Removal of President Trump From Office

A new Politico/Morning Consult survey released Friday found that 52 percent of voters support the House’s decision to impeach Trump, and 51 percent would support a decision by the Senate to remove him.

This is a changing dynamic that has consumed the American people for the past couple of months. It would seem that the majority of Americans believe that the President abused his power.

With the 2020 election fast approaching this is not good new for the President. While the polls are not clear right now because the Democrats are in the middle of their primary fight, it would seem that once that is settled we will see the tide change for Trump. If he has over half the country ready for him to be removed from office it would be fair to suggest he will have a hard time winning reelection once he is acquitted in the Senate.

But then again, the polls were considerably wrong in 2016, but it is very hard to meet a Trump supporter on the street and this writer lives in one of the most conservative cities in America.

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