Could Justin Amash Boost His 2020 Chances With Trump Impeachment Role?

The House of Representatives is expected to impeach President Donald Trump tomorrow in a historic vote. Immediately following that vote the House will take up the question of House Impeachment managers for the Senate trial. As we reported on the other day there is a movement among freshman Democrats in the House to get Rep. Justin Amash chosen as one of those managers to present the case against Trump to the U.S. Senate. If this happens, will this boost Amash’s chances of a 2020 Libertarian run for the Presidency?

According to the Chair of the Libertarian Party in an interview with Salon, the answer is yes.

The chair of the Libertarian National Committee told Salon Monday that he believes “Libertarian Party delegates could be impressed” if House Democrats choose Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, a former Republican Party, to serve as a manager in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump.

Adding Amash “to the team of House impeachment managers would strengthen the presentation of evidence in the Senate trial and would be a smart move on the part of Speaker Pelosi,” Libertarian chair Nicholas Sarwark told Salon by email Monday. Amash’s record “as a political independent with prior experience as a Republican … would help present the strongest case to a majority Republican Senate,” Sarwark continued.

Rep. Amash has become a namesake in Libertarian circles with the speculation that he might run for the Presidency on that ticket. We have run multiple stories of this possibility and the LP needs a viable candidate, which they currently don’t have.

Amash has a proven record as an outspoken critic of Trump and the Democrats. As a former Republican in the House Amash stood alone many times and has made a name for himself as a principled Libertarian minded Congressman.

If the Democrats and Pelosi pick Amash as one of these key roles in the impeachment process he will be thrust into the American spotlight and become a household name. Something the LP is in desperate need of for 2020.

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