Libertarian Party Officially Supports Trump Impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee has officially approved the two article of Impeachment against President Donald Trump. The vote now moves to the full House of Representatives.

In an official statement the Libertarian Party Chairman Nicholas Sarwark said the following:

It’s time for Congress to tell the President, “You’re Fired!”

With the conclusion of the House impeachment inquiry, the House of Representatives will consider two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. As Chairman of the Libertarian Party, I urge the House to approve the articles of impeachment and send them to the Senate for a trial. This will start the process of telling the president those words he’s so familiar with, “You’re fired!”

The Libertarian position on impeachment is unfettered by the tribal bickering between the Republicans and Democrats, trying to figure out what the political ramifications will be, rather than applying the Constitution. Our party has not yet elected a president. Most presidents, like this one, offer a few good policies and actions, offset by many policies and actions that work contrary to our goal of a country where peaceful people are free to pursue happiness in whatever way they choose. Like the plurality of Americans who don’t identify with a political party, we are not on Team Red or Team Blue, but we are hurt by the bad policies of both.

That’s why the Congress should impeach and remove the current president. He has shown disrespect for the Constitution, spending money without congressional approval, sending troops into war without a congressional declaration, and refusing to cooperate with congressional requests and subpoenas. The president must be removed because Congress needs to exercise their power as a separate branch of government to chastise this president and warn future presidents not to abuse the power of the office. 

Impeachment is not a criminal trial. Nobody can be sent to jail for a single day from an impeachment, nor can they be ordered to pay any fine. The only penalty available is removal from office and a prohibition on holding future federal office. If the president is removed, it does not overturn his policy agenda, it just puts the vice president in charge for the rest of the term. What impeachment does is say that the president, regardless of his political party, is expected to use the office for the benefit of the American people, not for himself. We expect him to obey the laws, like the Impoundment Control Act, not to routinely violate them and then attempt to cover up the violations. 

Libertarians would remove many powers that the president and Congress have, but that does not mean that Libertarians should stand silent when those existing powers are abused and exercised in a corrupt manner. This is not an issue of policy disagreement or personal animosity. When someone doesn’t have the ability to do the job properly, they need to be fired.

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    • I have been a Libertarian since 1972 when John Hospers ran for President and received one Electoral Vote. I have voted for the Libertarian candidate for President kn every election since 1972 . No more. Nice knowing you LP but you get no more votes or contributions from me.

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    • So, because the Russian election conspiracy didn’t end with impeachment as they assured us Trump was in Cahoots with bad people etc…
      the Liberals had to find something else to bitch at the president about because they don’t like him so they moved on to this new abuse of power thing. Joe Biden did the exact same thing. So because Democrats moved on to another bullsh** claim the Pres should be impeached?
      If the Libs hadn’t brought another bogus charge against him then he wouldn’t have had to ignore the subpoenas or whatever it was…
      Liberals are like spoiled only children if they don’t get their way!!!
      No Trump should not be impeached and yes Hillary should have gotten in trouble And brought up on charges for having the server in her office which in and of itself was illegal…
      Joe Biden was on VIDEO doing what they Claimed Trump did… but Joe himself said he did it!!!
      Liberals are more worried about trumps supposed crimes then what Joe Biden actually did why aren’t they mad at him we have him on video tape doing it and they say nothing it’s a double standard and whoever wrote this article sounds just like a liberal

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      • Didn’t end with impeachment? Then what the fuck is happening now dude? You think this is totally unconnected to the Muller investigation? I suggest you read more than just Faux News.


  1. Hmm.. I consider myself libertarian with my core beliefs…It appears the Libertarian party has performed much like the D party…”I didn’t leave the Democrat party, the party left me”….
    Thanks for clarifying my position…..Now where do I sign up to support the President and his party?

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  2. Deep state Sarwark continuing to promote DNC talking points as controlled opposition. LP chairman should remain neutral on this polarizing issue if he cares about growing the party.

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  3. Trying to be polite here. The vast majority of the people (Libertarianesque/libertarians) that have been saying this just seem to be reading off of cue cards. Do any notable Libertarians (outside of former Republican Amash) actually bring up anything resembling evidence/arguments in support of “high crimes and misdemeanors”? It is just looking like butthurt. Im not trying to be nasty.

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    • There is no need to be polite when the Libertarian Party supports a Soviet style show trial with fabricated crimes for political persecution and the nullification of an election. The entire LP leadership needs to be forced out of their positions immediately, dragged bodily out if necessary. This is evil.

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      • Soviet style?

        Is that in reference to Moscow Mitch declairing that he’s going to abnegate his constitutional process and dissolve the checks and balances between the president and congress so as to predetermine the end result of the impeachment?


    • I agree – I see this as just an opportunity to be contrary to anyone in any party in power… I am generally in agreement with the small government beliefs of the Libertarians, but I have learned over the years after wasting votes on third party candidates that changing the ways of the 2 “main” parties from the inside is the only way to fix things, and therefore the primary is just as, or more important than the general elections. As such, although I wasn’t a fan in the beginning, Trump has won me over, and I am loving seeing the “swamp creatures” squirming on both sides as the swamp is slowly drained. I may not like everything Trump does, but it beats the hell out of the overt corruption we’re used to, and I’ll be voting for him proudly for 2020..


  4. I have been an LP state party officer and a candidate.

    I’m all for holding government officials accountable, but to join in a witchhunt is too much. We should be standing for respectable, sensible government. Not hyperbolic emotional action.

    I used to believe in the LP. I wonder where it went?

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  5. I am a former state party officer, and have been a candidate.

    We are supposed to be the party of reason. This impeachment is about hyperbolic emotion.

    Sarwark needs to go. Trump is far from perfect, but if he’s to be impeached, there has to be an actual crime.

    In 2005 I changed to Libertarian because I felt the Republicans had lost their way. Today, I change back because the Libertarians have lost their way.

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  6. So the Libertarian Party officially supports Stalinist show trials, federal level political persecution, and the effective elimination of voting for President. You’re supporting a rogue Democrat party who literally said this week that “we can’t rely on the voters.”

    Others are being polite, so I won’t. You are filth participating in the destruction of our society. This move is complete evil, anti-American, and the complete antithesis of anything related to liberty. I hope there’s a revolt in the LP, and the leaders who agreed to this statement are dragged out of their offices and sent packing.

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  7. Libertarians finally get a guy who pushes some of their values and they blow it.

    Not surprising really.

    I used to call myself libertarian.

    I’m gonna haft to start being very clear when I use the word libertarian to make sure I do not refer to the joke that is the libertarian party.

    Thanks for nothing, dumbshit.

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  8. I am certainly not going to change my party affiliation over one opinion. I do, however, believe the LP should remain neutral on this distraction. If he were being impeached for something more substantial than what the Democrats came up with, then, sure, we should support it. Instead, this seems like “let’s get Trump like they did Clinton”. The impeachment has no chance of removing Trump and I personally think Pelosi is really worried about turning over the show to McConnell. Why? Because I believe the focus of the trial will not be Trump, but Biden. Getting on board with the Democrats is just going to alienate a large portion of the party and accomplish nothing. Let the Ds and Rs have their show.

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  9. This is insane. End the witchhunt. There is no gain only losses for the libertarians. This president has no more abused or corruption than any other side. Nothing for his gain, but only for the good of the whole counrty. Going forawrd in impeachment would coverup and stiffle a.g. barr and his efforts to unglue the deep state and the bush-clinton-obama corruption. Stop this pointless impeachment that won’t go thru the Senate anyway.

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    • So you don’t see Trump, a (Clinton/epstein associate) who defrauds charities as being corrupt?

      I thought libertarians were supposed to let charity fill the gap that would normally be addressed by social safetinets.

      But you don’t at all see it corrupt to bilk millions of dollars that you pretended you were gonna donate to wounded veterans?


  10. I think this guy just as dumb as the rest of the Dems on all the chats everywhere. impeachment doesn’t mean removal dumb ass. senate not going to remove Trump. good luck with that buttercup

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  11. Sensible but hardly keeping with the Libertarian Party in that it does not address the flagrant violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. Not only that but rather that just ratifying the Article of Impeachment being considered how about something more substantial. How about the real reason for Trump pulling out of Syria, and abandoning US developed air bases to the Russians. It wasn’t for some noble cause of scaling back US intervention but an effort to keep Turkey from taking control of Trump Towers in Istanbul. While our media doesn’t report it, a major Turkish political party and ally of the Turkish President has been pushing for more than a year for the confiscation of Trump Towers. Our President is leveraged not just to Putin but Erdogon as well.


  12. I used to be a member of the LP. I drifted from it because I disagreed with some LP positions and mostly because they can’t seem to get their act together enough to elect anyone into a high office.

    Now I have another reason to distance myself from the LP with this ridiculous decision to side with the loathsome Democrats to impeach a president when no crime has been committed.

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  13. Well, guess I won’t be voting Libertarian again. This reads like demonocrat propaganda. The Libertarian Party is the only third party I’ve supported, guess I was wrong. A straight Republican ticket for me in 2020.


  14. Its funny reading the comments. I thought libertarians DIDNT hate the constitution. Apparently a lot of them have never even read it.


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