Greens, Libertarians to Sue Over Third Party Barriers

The 2016 Presidential election brought many major successes for the Libertarian Party in terms of ballot access. Governor Gary Johnson gathered enough votes across the nation to guarantee ballot access for the party in over 40 states. However, that success is being threatened by the two major parties in the state of New York and now two polar opposite third parties are teaming up to fight the monopoly that the Democrats and Republicans have over the American electorate.

ALBANY — Two minor political parties on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum will jointly sue a commission whose recommendations are set to make it more difficult for third parties to survive in New York.

The Green and Libertarian parties announced at an Albany news conference on Monday that they would sue the Public Campaign Financing Commission, which released recommendations on Nov. 30 making it more difficult for third parties to maintain full, qualified ballot status in New York. Unless the state Legislature reconvenes to amend the recommendations by Dec. 22, a prospect looking increasingly less likely, the commission’s work will be legally binding.

The hard reality in this country is the power grab that the major parties have had over the American people for centuries. That display of power is being broadcasted on television with the impeachment hearings of President Trump. The reality is that the American people have no real voice and that is evident in their ability to silence a large group of people that want a different voice in American politics.

The fact that two of the countries largest third parties have to take this type of fight to court year after year should be telling of the American political system. There is no real politics happening in this country, but rather a political theater display of actors that put on a show and acting like they fight against each other everyday. Again, just look at the past two weeks.

America needs a new voice. America needs and independent voice that will speak up for people and that resides in third parties. David against Goliath.

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  1. For the record, in New York State, it was Larry Sharpe’s 2018 run for governor that won us ballot access. Until these new rules, it was based on votes in gubernatorial elections.


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