President Trump: Abuse of Power, the Constitution, & The Case for Impeachment

The very foundation of the American Republic rests in the sanctity of one document, the Constitution. The document that was written for We The People is our ability to have a check on the government and officials who serve under it. The Framers of the Constitution concerned themselves greatly with the ability of one people, or group of people, to gain power and abuse the position with which they serve under this Constitution.

The House of Representatives has taken the case against Donald Trump and his actions on July 25th when he called the Ukrainian President and in exchange for military aide they would investigate Joe Biden and his son. In this one instant President Trump utilized the office of President to gain politically from a foreign power which puts the entire Constitution and this Republic in Jeopardy.

The Constitution is built around the principle of checks and balances. The country had just fought a revolution to oust the power of a king which exhibited demogagary and tyrannical power. They wanted to build a system that place emphasis on shared and collective power between different branches of government. Part of this agreement centered around each one having the ability to check the power of the other. One of these checks is the power of the legislative branch to impeach officers of the government and particularly the President.

The framers feared placing the power of government into the hands of one person. The compromise at the Constitutional Convention settled on one person being President but allowing the Congress and Courts to hold that person to the strict enumerated powers under the Constitution. They knew The Office of President could become corrupt so they built safeguards to protect the Republic.

The abuse of power is very concerning at all levels of our government. Too often we read stories of politicians from low level local positions to high government positions in the Federal government abusing their power for political or financial gain. We place the trust of governing into the hands of capable people and when they renege on that trust then our system of government allows for a correction to take place. In monarchial/tyrannical systems, the abuse of power goes on for years because there is no check on power.

So, did President Trump commit an impeachable offense with his July 25th phone call to Ukraine? The facts do speak for themselves and the answer is simple; yes.

Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldmans opening statement explains the reason eloquently:

The House heard further testimony that President Trump further abused his office by seeking to create incentives for Ukraine to investigate Vice President Biden. Specifically, the House heard testimony that President Trump 

• Placed a hold on essential U.S. aid to Ukraine, and conditioned its release on announcement of the Biden and Crowdstrike investigations; and 

• Conditioned a White House visit sought by President Zelensky on announcement of the investigations. 

Both of these acts constitute high crimes and misdemeanors impeachable under the Constitution. By freezing aid to Ukraine and by dangling the promise of a White House visit, the president was corruptly using the powers of the presidency for personal political gain. Here, too, the president’s conduct described by the testimony embodies the framers’ concern that a sitting president would corruptly abuse the powers of office to distort the outcome of a presidential election in his favor.

Despite political beliefs the American people need to be concerned by the actions of President Trump. The abuse of power by someone sitting in the Oval Office is the extreme fear that the founding fathers had in creating the Presidency. The tenants of the American Revolution need to be protected and preserved for generations of Americans. The Constitution and the basic foundation of this country needs to be preserved to secure the Republic.

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  1. Pathetic cherry picking–AND factually incorrect.. Why not get the opinion of a real Constitutional attorney–Allen Dershowitz?


  2. The article IS pathetic. I’d like the author to quote the exact words (in the transcript) where the President says something like, “I will release aid when you give me a report on Biden’s activities.”

    Fact: Zelensky had no knowledge aid was held up.
    Fact: Ukraine got the aid.
    Fact: Ukraine produced no report.

    Bently is not a “defender of liberty,” because he supports sham charges with no due process.


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