Trump Impeachment Process Shows Weak Support Among Libertarians

The President Trump impeachment show has taken the spotlight in Washington over the past few weeks and everyday there is new evidence and testimony that has come to life in regards to the actions of President Trump and the country of Ukraine.

A recent CNN poll conducted showed that 50% of the country believes that President Trump should be impeached and removed from office. While Trump will tout that as a success because that number hasn’t changed in weeks they are missing the key point to that statement. Not only impeached, also removed from office.

However, when it comes to Libertarians in this country President Trump seems to have their support for a change. The Libertarian Vindicator conducted an unscientific poll which resulted in over 1,000 responses and showed that support for impeachment is only at 38% percent.

Many of the comments on the poll centered around the idea that is didn’t even matter anyway. The trust that many Libertarians have in the government is extremely limited and something like and impeachment inquiry or hearing will result in nothing.

The ones that did support impeachment wanted it to happened in order to see a Senate trial to expose many of the wrong doings of multiple government officials. As one responder pointed out the Trump attorney’s will have the power to subpoena witnesses and shine light on many corrupt Washington insiders.

However, the best reason against impeachment was summed up in this meme:

It is interesting to see this process unfold and see the President basically not give a crap that he is being thrown through this process. That might be telling of his intellectual capability, but interesting nonetheless.

We will see over the coming weeks what happens, but my guess will be that the House Impeaches President Trump and he will be acquitted in the U.S. Senate.

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