The Libertarian Party Has No Viable Candidate for 2020

The 2020 Presidential election is heating up with the Democratic Primary spear heading the most anticipated election of recent history. With over 20 candidates seeking their nomination everyone is trying to unseat Donald Trump who unexpectedly rose to power in the 2016 election.

That election saw the biggest success the Libertarian party ever had with Governor Gary Johnson receiving over 3% of the total popular vote which equated to over 4.4 million votes. Many Libertarians had hoped for more in the 2016 election, but history shows that the success that Johnson gained was historical.

Now, we are at the 2020 election cycle and the Libertarian Party once again has the potential to make history, but they are lacking something very important. A viable candidate!

Here are your top candidates for the Libertarian Party. Adam Kokesh, Arvin Vohra, John Mcafee, and Vermin Supreme. I can tell you right now that if one of these is the choice for the Libertarian Party it is going to be hard for me to support the Libertarian candidate for President.

Nobody currently running for President in the Libertarian Party has the ability to gather national attention and has no way of making a dent in the national electoral process.

The Libertarian Party needs somebody that can cause a stir and present themselves in a way that convinces people that the party is serious about politics and running candidates for national office. The hope is someone like Justin Amash who is a sitting U.S. Congressman, and has recently resigned from the Republican Party, steps up and seeks the nomination of the largest third party in America. There has to be a reason for the media to cover the Libertarian candidate and as of right now that will not happen with the current slate of candidates.

It is time for party leadership to step up and recruit someone to run for President that will actually get people to notice. Too often does party leadership care more about principles than actually winning elections. Yes, principle matters and should never be compromised, but they spend too much time nitpicking every aspect of a candidates position that they are missing the bigger picture. Trying to convince people to vote for the Libertarian Party and join. If this doesn’t happen then all the party is going to be is that annoying person always screaming for someone to listen to them.

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  1. I have to agree totally! You do not need to abandoned your positions, but those positions can be moderated to more effectively attract those voters that bellieve in many Libertarian positions but do not vote Libertarian since so many candidates are 100% Libertarian and 100% unqualified for public office. People are moving more closely to Libertarian positions. The L party needs to communicate and sell that along with more politically acceptible candidates.


  2. I’m glad to see your “writing” where it belongs: obscurity.

    Ignoring the viable LP candidates makes you a fraud.

    Kim Ruff all day.


    • Being an intelligent and principled Libertarian, as Kim Ruff seems to be, is a good start, but it doesn’t make her a “viable candidate.” She has no experience (yes, I know Trump didn’t either) and no name recognition (which Trump had in spades), among other things that she would need to be viable.


  3. I’d support a Justin Amash Presidential campaign but would people see him as buying into party politics if he did go with the Libertarian Party? I wouldn’t want to risk losing any votes, if I were him.


  4. Reblogged this on Free Matt Podcasts and commented:
    Although I understand the premise of the re-blogged article; I think that we are presented with the idea that if Justin Amash (who just left the Republican party) decides to run for the Libertarian nod, will he “just siphon Trump’s votes” or will he seriously stump to become a non-establishment candidate?


  5. I’ve been an announced candidate and have even enjoyed a bit of independent news coverage from We Are Libertarians, among others, and am listed in the Wikipedia page. I am now serving my second term as a Libertarian state legislator, the only currently serving one in America.


    • Wikipedia says you were elected as a Republican both times. It further says “Following the 2016 election, Abramson returned to the Republican Party and was re-elected to the seat he previously held in the Legislature.” How does that translate into you “serving my second term as a Libertarian state legislator”? Your statement suggests you have had some success running as a Libertarian, but that is apparently not the case.


      • I ran for governor as the Libertarian nominee and won 31,234 votes, breaking a national record for the year and getting the LPNH automatic ballot access and major party status for the first time in 20 years. With a new candidate promoting more business taxes to pay for more government, I knew that we were going to lose that in 2018 (we did).


  6. The Libertarian party does have a viable candidate. His name is Jeff Hewitt from California. Do you ever listen to the speeches , Whenever you listen to his speeches you know everything‘s gonna be all right, You feel positive about the future. He knows what it means to work and he’s the type of person that everybody can believe.


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